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We are Hawaii's elite cybersecurity specialists.

Our mission is to safeguard organizations from cyber threats so they can focus on their growth and clients.

Contact us to protect your organization from cyber threats.

Medical Specialists

"Helping people is at the core of everything we do."

Howard Whitman - Sales

Expert Cybersecurity for Hawaii's

Essential Services

Walking Under Gas Pipes

"Client peace
of mind
is our focus."

Attila Seress - CEO

Expert Cybersecurity for Hawaii's



"We protect your assets so you can focus on your business."

Attila Seress - CEO

Expert Cybersecurity for Hawaii's

Business Community


"The compliance process has a steep learning curve. We have innovations that can help."

Iqbal Ashraf - Management


Innovative Solutions for Hawaii's

Regulatory Compliance

cypac logo white

At Cypac, we specialize in advanced cybersecurity by using innovative technology and strategies to protect against online threats. Our focus is on safeguarding valuable networks and assets. We strive everyday to bring peace of mind to Hawaii's business community

Protection.  Compliance.  Education.  Recovery.

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