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We are here to help local organizations recover from cyberattacks.

We are better, faster,and more effective than our competitors.


"Being the victim of a cyberattack is a terrible feeling. The good news is that we've seen it before and know what to do."

Howard Whitman - Sales


Data Breach
Rescue and Remediation

We believe the reason so many companies never recover and eventually let the cyber criminals win is that they don’t bring in professionals to rescue and remediate the situation. They instead rely on their in-house staff or IT department to “figure it out.” As you might imagine, this just doesn’t work and is where we come in.

Contact us so we can help get you back up and running.


We are invested
in protecting Hawaii's livelihoods

60% of companies that experience a data breach will go out of business within 12 months.

A proper cyber incident response is the best step forward. Don’t lose those years of hard work spent building your business to cyber criminals.


Technical Details

Recover Lost Data

We can often recover the contacts, calendar entries, emails or files that were deleted by the criminals.

Work With Your Vendors

We speak tech and so do your vendors. We work tirelessly with them to ensure that your accounts are secured from further compromise.


Often organizations are not protected, trained or insured adequately. We can help you close the gap so that future breaches do not reoccur.

Discover Source of Breach

A complete interview and audit of accounts helps us to help you narrow down the source of the breach and plug the leak.


All of our work is documented for your records. We pride ourselves on our level of communication with our valued clients.

Quick Response

We have a comprehensive method of narrowing down the source of a breach and taking reasonable safeguards to prevent the breach from re-occurring. Often we are able to recover lost data and depending on the circumstances, bring your company back into operation in a matter of hours.

They took our business to heart and did what’s right to help us function correctly and securely."


Benn McCalister


Roger Dunn Golf Shops


We originally brought in Cypac after our last IT firm had let us down. I was immediately impressed with Cypac’s professionalism, taking the technology to heart and doing what was right to help our stores function correctly and securely.


What we needed first was a trusted company to keep our stores, datacenter and company data protected from cyber threats. This is important to us as we take the protection of our customer data very seriously.


What we needed second was a team to manage our servers and networks so that when employees are in and the stores are open, everything “just works.” I feel that we were lucky to have found the team at Cypac.


Not many firms are willing or able to take on such responsibility and do such a stellar job. I sincerely recommend doing business with them.

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