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Cyber Edu

Empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cyber-secure at work and home.


"Cyber-savvy employees are the best protection possible for your business."

Attila Seress - CEO


With phishing simulations and hundreds of awareness and training resources, you’ll have everything you need to prepare employees to detect, report and defeat cybercrime.

Contact us so we can start safeguarding your organization.


Setup your employees for success in the modern world.

Cypac is Hawaii's premier cybersecurity provider for proactive organizations. We are here to advise you no matter what level of cybersecurity or employee training you currently have in place.


Technical Details

Multi-layered security awareness training for your employees

Go beyond annual training by inspiring behavior change and a culture of security. Choose from our library of over 700+ resources and pre-built training kits to layer training and keep learners engaged year-round.

Sophisticated phishing simulations

Reduce phishing susceptibility with phishing simulations.Turn phishing clicks into teachable moments and set rules to automatically deliver the most relevant training. Simulate the most sophisticated attacks. Get suspicious email reporting and automated analysis.

Training aligned with NIST guidelines

Stay compliant with training aligned with NIST guidelines. Fortify your security awareness curriculum and industry-based training. Each training module is mapped to one of nine core security behaviors derived from the NIST security awareness and training guidelines to help guide your curriculum.

Personalized employee training

Deliver the right training to the right employees, when it matters most. Educate employees based on their role, security aptitude and preferred learning style. We use role-based modules in a variety of themes, styles and lengths to engage learners.

Actionable data and reports

Mature & refine your program with actionable data. Measure your organization's compliance score, phish rate, reported emails and more to share progress with stakeholders. Prove success and identify knowledge gaps before breaches occur. Improve your program with actionable dashboard data, helping you fill compliance training gaps and educate high-risk employees.

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