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Peace of mind comes when your network is completely taken care of.

Get your network updated and supported by Hawaii's cybersecurity experts.


"You will no longer need to fight through call centers or internet forums when your network needs attention."

Attila Seress - CEO


Let's make sure that your network has no weak spots.

One hacked laptop, phone, printer or 'smart' device might be all it takes to take down your network, steal data and put your greatest assets at risk.

We can rapidly redesign and rebuild your network, supporting you and your team as it evolves over time. There's no learning, certification or equipment purchase required.

Contact us so we can build you the network you deserve.


We are invested
in protecting Hawaii's livelihoods

Your network is the heart of your organization's ability to operate. If it gets compromised or hacked, it could easily bring your business to a sudden halt. Network downtime, data loss and brand reputation are the most common issues that impact organizations after a breach.

We are here to make sure that this doesn't happen to your business. Cypac is owned and operated in Hawaii. We live here and we want to help protect the livelihoods of our fellow residents and business owners. Give us a call. We'll be happy to talk with you about your current situation and future goals.


Technical Details

IT Infrastructure Review and Upgrade Plan

Get your network fully updated without having to learn new skills or experimenting with equipment.

Future-Proof Cloud Based Management.

Manage, monitor, change and troubleshoot your network configuration from anywhere. Bridge and route traffic between sites without leaving your desk or home office.

Available On-Site and In-Person Local Support.

If you ever have any issues or concerns with your network, we are just an 808 phone call away. You will no longer need to navigate a call center halfway around the world or scroll through endless tech forums online.

Optimize Your Network's Performance.

Microsegmentation is a security technique that splits a network into definable zones and uses policies to dictate how data and applications within those zones can be accessed and controlled.

Establish Regulatory Compliance

This service helps meet CMMC, NIST, SOC, HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements.

Local Cybersecurity Specialists Available to Architect and Configure Your Network

It takes a cyber-specialist to fully understand your network in terms of modern cyber threats to businesses and proper cyber hygiene. We are quick and thorough.

They took our business to heart and did what’s right to help us function correctly and securely."


Benn McCalister


Roger Dunn Golf Shops


We originally brought in Cypac after our last IT firm had let us down. I was immediately impressed with Cypac’s professionalism, taking the technology to heart and doing what was right to help our stores function correctly and securely.


What we needed first was a trusted company to keep our stores, datacenter and company data protected from cyber threats. This is important to us as we take the protection of our customer data very seriously.


What we needed second was a team to manage our servers and networks so that when employees are in and the stores are open, everything “just works.” I feel that we were lucky to have found the team at Cypac.


Not many firms are willing or able to take on such responsibility and do such a stellar job. I sincerely recommend doing business with them.

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