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Total Reveal

Understand your network before someone else does.

We are cybersecurity specialists with a deep toolkit for analyzing networks.


"Your network vulnerabilities don't need to be mysteries."

Howard Whitman - Sales


Comprehensive network penetration testing and analysis.

Most organizations assume that they have the right safeguards in place to protect their networks and valuable assets against modern cyber threats.


Unfortunately, the reality is that most firewalls and anti-virus software are far from secure. The only way to truly know where you currently stand is with a comprehensive penetration test of your critical infrastructure. Your peace of mind depends on it.

Contact us today to better understand your network.

Total Revel2

We are Hawaii's cybersecurity specialists.

If you are serious about safeguarding your critical network infrastructure and digital assets, you shouldn't be contacting your local phone company. Our team lives and works in Hawaii and we are dedicated to protecting the organizations that surround us.

Totl Revel 3

Technical Details

Vulnerability Assessment

Internal equipment vulnerability scan to evaluate manufacturer's vulnerabilities, maintenance history and security software effectiveness. Examples: Windows Workstations, IP cameras, printers, phones, conference room equipment and any other visible IP connected devices.

Network File Share Permission Audit

Comprehensive network share permission audit for least privilege review for all network shares by device and user. Full report on who has access to what, with recommendations on proper deployment of least privilege.

Scan Remote Worker Devices

Comprehensive scan of employee devices used for work. Remote work environments can make it considerably more difficult for an organization to maintain visibility and control over the data security of its employees.

Penetration Testing

Simulate cyber attacks against your network to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. Also known as a 'Pen Test'. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify any weak spots in a system’s defenses which attackers could take advantage of.

Scan Internet-of-Things Devices

External network vulnerability scan for Internet facing devices such as firewalls, cameras and IP phones. Identify prohibited Chinese telecom equipment and vulnerable access points for all of your devices - not just computers.

Full Report with Recommendations

Easy-to-understand report card summarizing findings. Printed and bound reports for management review and archival. Review session to interpret findings and recommend action steps for remediation.

They took our business to heart and did what’s right to help us function correctly and securely."


Benn McCalister


Roger Dunn Golf Shops


We originally brought in Cypac after our last IT firm had let us down. I was immediately impressed with Cypac’s professionalism, taking the technology to heart and doing what was right to help our stores function correctly and securely.


What we needed first was a trusted company to keep our stores, datacenter and company data protected from cyber threats. This is important to us as we take the protection of our customer data very seriously.


What we needed second was a team to manage our servers and networks so that when employees are in and the stores are open, everything “just works.” I feel that we were lucky to have found the team at Cypac.


Not many firms are willing or able to take on such responsibility and do such a stellar job. I sincerely recommend doing business with them.

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