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Apple's NameDrop & iOS Zero-Day: Key Insights

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Happy Friday my friend!

This week has been a tough one for Apple. I did an interview on KHON2 about the new NameDrop feature that's automatically enabled with the latest release of iOS 17. In short, here's what you need to know:

  • NameDrop allows 2 iPhones or Apple watches to holding the top ends of their unlocked devices together for 3 seconds and share contact information.

  • You can't send or receive contact info without accepting the on-screen messages.

  • Police departments have issued warnings, encouraging the public to turn off NameDrop on their iPhones and Apple watches, fearing privacy breaches and child safety.

In short, it's fear mongering. There's no way that snoopers will be able to use NameDrop to steal someone's contact info. We tested it ourselves - the phones have to be unlocked, close and there's interaction needed on-screen.

If you absolutely need to turn it off, it's pretty easy. Go to Settings > General > AirDrop > Bringing Devices Together (off)


What's more important is that you install the latest iOS patch released yesterday. According to TechChrunch this patch fixes 2 zero-days currently being exploited in the wild. The vulnerabilities allow for hackers to remotely plant malicious code (like spyware) on your device. The bugs are called a “zero-day” because the vendor is given no time, or zero days, to fix the vulnerability before it is actively exploited.

In short:

1. Ignore the fear mongering about NameDrop.

2. Patch your iOS devices with yesterday's release.

Stay safe out there.


New Friday Funnies

(Only because it's the holidays and it's been raining so much lately...)

Q: What do you call a deer that loves being out in the rain?

A: A reindeer.


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