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What the 🍩 Dunkin’ Donuts hack means for you

The folks at Dunkin’ Donuts are great at making pastries, but not at protecting private customer information

Dunkin’ Donuts will be paying $650,000 in penalties and costs to the State of New York because tens of thousands of customer accounts were leaked for years, starting back as early as 2015. They exposed shopper names, email addresses, 16-digit DD Perks account numbers and PINs. Many of these compromised accounts also held Dunkin’-branded stored value cards or DD cards that could be used to purchase various baked goods and beverages. Dunkin’ Donuts is only now being fined because they failed to notify customers of unauthorized access to their accounts, freeze their DD cards or even reset account passwords to prevent further unauthorized access. So basically, they did nothing.

If your account information has been leaked the Attorney General’s office has ordered Dunkin Donuts to send you a notice and it’s important that you change the password to your DD rewards account. Better yet, check to see if you’re using the same password for your Dunkin’ account as any other online services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist and so on.

Don’t re-use your passwords! Make sure they are unique for every site you use. Need help with that? Feel free to reach out, we can help.

Hopefully this video has been interesting and informative and if you know of someone who might benefit from it, pass it along. We’re all in this together and thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to the community.

Stay safe out there


PS. Want to know who’s the guy from the Hippie Apocalypse? Here’s the video that explain it all!


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