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What the Chick-fil-A criminal crack-down means for you

Happy Friday!

Well, the bad guys are at it again. This time their sites were set on Chick-fil-A. Cybercriminals were able to successfully smash and grab customers who had setup an online account, steal gift card and rewards money, personal information and partial credit card numbers.

How did they do this? It's pretty simple actually. The criminals took leaked username and password lists, then tried those on Chik-fil-A's website. Since most people re-use usernames and passwords, they were able to access a lot of accounts, then sell access to funds inside those accounts on the Darkweb.

The Takeaway There's a lesson here: don't re-use the same password on any website. I know, sounds simple but definitely not easy. Keep in mind though that this habit, if not followed could be catastrophic to your business or personal finances. I've seen it first hand.

The solution? A password manager. Most of them can:

1) Generate random passwords for you, then fill them in on websites so you don't have to. 2) Let you know if you're re-using passwords and help you change them.

3) If you're a business, show you which employees have these bad password habits and help you shore up those weaknesses.

The top 3 password managers on the market today are Keeper, Lastpass and Bitwarden.

If you need help choosing or would like to chat more about how they work, feel free to reach out. We can help.

Stay safe out there.



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