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Top 5 ways to help Maui

Hi Friends, I applaud our local community that has been stepping up and doing what can be done to help those in need on Maui.

Unfortunately at a time like these there will be scammers, miscommunication and those that seek to take advantage of the situation. We've put together a Top-5 List of reputable charitable organizations based on feedback from community leaders on Maui and Hawaii News Now.

These are our Top-5 picks for local, reputable organizations where donations and resources will go directly to victims of the Maui wildfires.

1) Maui United Way Aloha United Way has created the Maui Relief Fund that will go directly to efforts supporting victims of the fires.

2) Maui Community Foundation The Maui Strong Fund will be used to support Maui communities affected by recent fires, including response and recovery efforts.

3) Maui Food Bank The Maui Food Bank is seeking monetary donations in efforts to feed thousands of displaced residents.

4) Hawaii Salvation Army Hawaii Salvation Army is asking for monetary donations and large volume meal donations from restaurants and certified kitchens to aid in mass meal service at Maui shelters.

5) Donate at your nearest Foodland Foodland stores are accepting donations at checkout to support the American Red Cross of Hawaii’s efforts toward Maui fire relief. Shoppers can make donations up to $249, donate 250 Makai points ($5 value) or round up purchases to the nearest dollar.

I am sure there are others ways community leaders are trying to help. Do you have additional, reputable organizations providing relief to Maui residents and businesses? If so, send them over and we'll add them to our list.

Stay safe out there.



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