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Small Business Cybersecurity (GEW Aloha State – Maui County)

County of Maui joins GEW Aloha State for the second time with this event, including a mayoral proclamation.

About this event


According to the FBI’s Internet Crime and Complaint Center cybercrime has skyrocketed over 600% since the pandemic began last year. It’s been called the “golden age of cybercrime” and what you don’t know can cost you or your employer very real losses, in the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention an embarrassing incident your friends, family and customers will remember. In this webinar we will show you free and inexpensive security tricks that you may already have access to but might not be using. We’ll also show you how some of these scammers operate so that you can beat them at their own game! Bring your computer and a friend to this free, fun and informative session!

Guest presenters: Attila Seress, Matthew Kent


  1. Attila Seress is President of Cylanda, a Hawaii-based Cybersecurity and IT infrastructure Management firm. As a child of Hungarian refugees, business owner, husband, and father of two, he has made it his mission to protect and rescue others from harm. His goal is to grow local jobs and help create a healthy economy that Hawaii’s next generation of workers and leaders can thrive in.

  2. Matthew Kent is a network engineer and cybersecurity professional with Cylanda, a Cybersecurity and IT infrastructure Management firm. He has more than 15 years of technical experience working in IT, web and multimedia technologies, and information security.


  1. State of Hawai’i – Office of the Governor David Y. Ige

  2. County of Hawai’i – Office of the Mayor Mitchell D. Roth

  3. City and County of Honolulu – Office of the Mayor Rick Blangiardi

  4. County of Kaua’i – Office of the Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami

  5. County of Maui – Office of the Mayor Michael P. Victorino

  6. HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union (HawaiiUSA FCU)

  7. Entrepreneurs SANDBOX

  8. Pacific Gateway Center

  9. RJK LLC (Richard Kehoe, MBA, CPA)

  10. Hāna Community Association

  11. Maui Economic Opportunity (MEO)

  12. Pacific Business News (PBN)

  13. Hawai’i Technology Development Corporation (HTDC)

  14. Kūpa’a Kaua’i

  15. Maui County Business Resource Center (MCBRC)

  16. Hawai’i Small Business Development Center (HI SBDC)

  17. Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB)

  18. Global Entrepreneurship Week (G.E.W)

  19. Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN)

  20. Grants Central Station (GCS)

  21. Kauaʻi Community College

  22. Rice Street Business Association

  23. Lady Entrepreneurs and Innovators L.E.I.

  24. Kauaʻi Filipino Chamber of Commerce

  25. Kauaʻi Chamber of Commerce

  26. Kauaʻi Economic Development Board (KEDB)

  27. Technology Readiness User Evaluation (TRUE)

  28. Office of Economic Revitalization (OER) of the City and County of Honolulu

See you there!


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