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Scammers targeting the elderly for Covid-19 testing

Will these scammers ever stop? A new Coronavirus scam is targeting senior communities across the Midwest and in this most despicable version of the old-school “door knock” scam, two men will knock on an elderly woman’s door, saying they need to test her for the Coronavirus since she is older and in a high-risk category. In this case, they claim to be from the CDC and once admitted into the home, will swab the victim’s nose and “collect” personal information, including social security number, date of birth, debit card number, then ask for a payment of $50 to pay for the Covid-19 test.

Unfortunately there those who are trying to take advantage of this global pandemic for personal profit, all at the expense of those who are in the highest risk of infection.

The Takeaway

It’s terrible that there are those who would target seniors with such a scam but criminals target the elderly with scams all the time. Here’s what you need to know or pass along to elderly parents:

  1. Neither the Department of Health or the CDC would ever come to your home unannounced

  2. “Door knock” scammers will target those who they think will be easy targets. Don’t be one. Invest in a camera doorbell such as Ring and only open the door if you are expecting a package.

Remember that we have a ways to go until this global pandemic is over. Stay indoors, stay safe and stay alert.



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