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Quickstart Guide to ChatGPT (super cool!)

Happy Friday my friend!

Many business owners I've spoken with recently have been fascinated to hear about the game-changing implications Generative AI (ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, etc.) will have on almost every job function we have. The emergence of this technology has been considered Code Red for Google and Microsoft recently announced that they may invest $10 Billion in OpenAI.

There is a sense of urgency here to get up to speed, but don't take my word for it, here is what Darren Hardy had to say about Generative AI:

The advent of Generative AI is bigger than the invention of the Gutenberg Press x 1000. No joke. And we are only at the very beginning.

It is important that all our leaders start familiarizing themselves with these tools... so they can learn to APPLY them and USE them... versus being sidelined by them. This is not a threat; this is an opportunity!

It's like the difference between a human WITH the internet (and all the applications built on top of it) at their disposal... versus one without it. One will be left in the "Dark Ages,"... and the other will be part of a new era of Enlightenment. Again, not joking, not hyperbole.

AI won’t eliminate all humans… But it will eliminate humans who don’t use AI.

It's not how AI makes things better for business leaders... It's what new capabilities AI will give business leaders.

Quick Start Resources There are new articles and resources coming out every day on generative AI - these are the ones I've found to help you get started with the technology quickly, today. If you have any useful tips to share, please send them my way! Generative AI is here: How tools like ChatGPT could change your business ▪ Goes through use cases of generative AI in the workplace Unlocking the power of the ChatGPT revolution: 100 innovative use-cases to try before you are fired ▪ This is a long one, so it's easier to search the page (Ctrl-F) for a topic (eg. "email") Using ChatGPT to create epic LinkedIn content ▪ Great tips for combining ChatGPT and Canva for social media content creation. Yes, Canva has their own AI called "Magic Write" that can help you with content creation. Here's 10 incredible ways ChatGPT can 10x your productivity ▪ Written by Matt Mic on Twitter. Good use cases. Awesome ChatGPT Prompts ▪ Github repository of community contributed discoveries of ChatGPT Prompts What we know about how workers are using ChatGPT so far Some key points from the article: ▪ ChatGPT can be used from tasks including writing emails, scripts and social media copy ▪ Asking it to write a catchy subject line to boost open rates, to find keywords around a specific topic to boost SEO, or to write a meta description for a blog post. ▪ Simplify complex topics with an “explain like I’m five” prompt, summarizing articles, and to discover new ideas for content research. ▪ Script for an instructional video on how to make an apple pie. ▪ “This technology makes me feel the same way as when I first used iMovie and when I first held an iPhone in my hand,” ▪ “ChatGPT gives you an incredible starting point to get you from zero to one, so that you have something to poke at,” ▪ Follow up your queries with things like “can you say that in under 100 words.” ▪ “It’s a tool where we can advance things that are on the back burner. It provides baseline copy and we can modify it from there. It’s a critical tool from the administrative side of things to make it more efficient.”

How Generative AI is being used in interesting (terrifying?) ways New Microsoft AI Vall-E can accurately mimic a human voice after analyzing a 3-second sample ▪ I cannot foresee a scenario where that is used for good. Makes it pretty easy for anyone's voice to be impersonated Listen to the 100% AI generated interview between "Joe Rogan" and "Steve Jobs" ▪ Mind blowing that this is possible... and you might actually learn something from "Steve's" excellent answers ▪ A scary/cool one that utilizes artificial intelligence to communicate with, have a conversation with, and schedule your leads and clients. It uses text, email, voicemail drops, live chat, or Facebook messenger and integrates with Keap, Hubspot, etc. lets you create videos from plain text in minutes ▪ Interesting service that allows you us use AI to create video content for customers

AI used to publish children's book, raising question of ethics ▪ This is a controversial topic. Either way, I bet you didn't know that ChatGPT was a published author. DoNotPay's 'Robot Lawyer' Is Gearing Up for Its First U.S. Court Case ▪ Your next lawyer could be an AI bot (what about the opposition?) The world is changing fast! Stay safe out there. -A


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