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Patch your Apple devices ASAP

Yesterday Apple rushed out patches on a set of newly discovered 0-day vulnerabilities found on its MacOS and iOS devices. This latest set of bugs could allow threat actors to disrupt or access your Apple phone or computer’s kernel, essentially taking it over. Although this exploit is currently under investigation by Apple, it been in the wild for some time now so bad actors could have been using it for a while to compromise Apple devices around the globe.

The vulnerabilities represent the fourth and fifth zero-day flaws patched by Apple this year. That number is well on track to meet or supersede the number of these types of vulnerabilities that Apple was forced to respond to with fixes last year, which was 12. If you want more details about these new exploits, Google “Apple 0 day” – it’s all over the internet right now.

So, if you are asked to update your iPhone, iMac or Macbook today, be sure to get that taken care of ASAP. Stay safe out there.



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