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OMG – Eat that frog

These are the kind of problems that we all have to face because there’s a you know we all have similar situations and you know putting that big frog on your counter first means that you know get it out of the way first thing in the morning. If it goes on until the afternoon it can drag on for days or not weeks so getting that frog out of the way is my recommendation to you. What frog do you have today that maybe you didn’t take care of this morning and you know you should and maybe you’re putting it off eating that frog is not my analogy that’s something I think from perhaps zig Ziglar. He was a great you know inspiration to a lot of people who are out there in the business world and hopefully if he got it from somewhere else then he’s given credit to that person but anyways I’m Attila with Cylanda and hopefully this is giving you a little bit of an idea and inspiration for today.

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