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OMG – Counter Productive Persistence

Hey guys attila here from Cylanda in this quick short on OMG otherwise known as one minute growth ideas for you and your business we’re going to talk about a very fun word two words that I really like it’s called counterproductive persistence counterproductive persistence there you go two words counterproductive persistence is something that we come across all the time is when we keep trying to solve that problem trying to finish that task keep trying to do the same thing over and over and over again and as we know doing the same thing over and over sometimes leads to insanity counterproductive productive persistence is recognizing that you’re stuck in a loop or maybe your co-workers or your team is stuck into it and it’s time to maybe just take a quick moment reset maybe take a minute of silence give yourself a little bit of stepping away from the problem to go back and come back had it stronger with a better perspective and to make better choices so remember counterproductive persistence it’s something that you and your team may be encountering every day and now you know what to do about it and that it really does exist stay safe out there I’m Attila with Cylanda


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