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New widespread LinkedIn account hacking

Happy Friday my friend,

If you're a job seeker or know someone might be from recent events, you already know how important LinkedIn can be. Unfortunately a new wave of hacks are slamming LinkedIn, resulting in accounts getting locked out, erased, held for ransom and even hijacked by attackers.


  • LinkedIn has gone dark over the past few months and not responding to users, presumably while they figure this out.

  • Victims have been turned to Reddit, Twitter and Microsoft forums for any sort of assistance.

  • There are signs of a breakout based on Google Trends, where search terms about LinkedIn account hack or recovery has increased by 5,000+% over the past few months.

Why are they doing this? Because LinkedIn accounts can be valuable for social engineering, phishing and job offer scams that can lead to multi-million dollar cyber-heists such as the $640 million theft N. Korea pulled last year.

The Takeaway

The LinkedIn attackers seem to be using leaked credentials or brute-force to take control of a large number of accounts at scale. If you get a temporary account lock when trying to log in, it's likely that your account was targeted and either your strong password or 2-factor code stopped the bad guys. You'll have to verify some personal information and reset your password to get back in.

If you have a LinkedIn account, now would be a good time to review the security measures you've activated, enable 2FA, and switch to a unique and long password.

Simple, right?

Stay safe out there.


New Friday Funnies! ChatGPT's joke for today on the topic of LinkeIn: Why did the scarecrow win an award on LinkedIn? Because he was outstanding in his field of connections!


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