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New expired driver’s license scam

Did you know that cybercriminals are now targeting people with expired Driver’s licenses?

Cybercriminals have recently begun sending out texts and emails claiming that the DMV is missing information needed to renew their license. Clicking on a link embedded in those messages will take the victim to a Google Forms spreadsheet requesting personal information such as a Social Security number and date of birth. If you enter that information, it’s sayonara to your identity.

The FBI and IRS are aware of this scam as thousands of people have reported it. They’ve been working with Google to take down the fake websites and so far they’ve identified over 1,035 sites and Google has shut down almost 900 of them.

Just remember that the DMV will never communicate personal information with you by text or email. Also, scammers will almost always try to create a sense of urgency when hooking their victims so if you get something in your inbox urging you to act now, be suspicious!

Stay safe out there!

PS. I did a recent interview on Think Tech on answering the question – Are you tired of being asked if you’re a Robot? (on websites). The answers are in the interview here: 


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