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New $75 Costco cash card scam

The Costco Cash Card scam is back. Don’t fall for it!

If something on social media sounds too good to be true, then it may just be a scam. Costco is warning consumers that a $75 coupon being shared on Facebook is actually a hoax. The company is not giving away coupons for purchases at its stores after graphics of fake coupons purporting to be honoring Costco’s 50th anniversary started circulated on Facebook earlier this month.

The hoax resurfaced this month after occurring around the same time last year. The company posted an almost identical message on Facebook in November of 2018 saying it was not giving away $75 coupons and that it was not celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The coupons prompt users to click on a link that will supposedly allow them to collect a $75 deal. The links, which are visible under various URLs, are not affiliated with Costco.

Users are also asked to input information like their name, email address, birthday and phone number as well as fill out a series of surveys.

Some of the coupons also have red flags like grammatical and spelling errors, including “Coupon” being capitalized and ad copy that reads “for it’s anniversary” instead of “for its anniversary.” Spelling and grammatical errors in the advertisements and poor quality images are usually signs of scams. The link also has copy at the bottom that states it has nothing to do with Costco.

Stay safe out there.


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