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My one wish for you in 2023

Happy Friday my friend!

Well we're at the end of the year again. I know, it seems short, but a lot has happened. We passed the milestone of 8 billion people on the planet, Elon Musk bought Twitter and Cybercrime is up over 20% from 2021, ranking this year as the most devastating one to date.

My wish for you in 2023 is safety from threat, crime and disaster. All us network defenders regularly speak with victims, businesses and law enforcement to try and clean up after the crime has occurred. It's messy, it's expensive and often heartbreaking.

We do the best we can to educate the community on the latest threats that us as individuals can do something about - patching computers and phones, training employees, eliminating poor cyber hygiene and so on.

I hope that this year we made a difference, helped to prevent a compelling event (as we in the industry call them) from happening to you or your business. If you feel that there is more we can do, or if you think that sharing our newsletters, blog or social media posts with a friend or colleague would help in this mission, I would personally appreciate it.

Best wishes for a safe and meaningful year ahead.

With Aloha and Gratitude,

Attila F. Seress

PS. Thought to share this video: 2022 in 7 minutes by Vox. Strange how quickly we forget what has occurred in just 12 months!


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