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More Scams in the Wake of the Fire (ThinkTech Tech Talks)

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance. The host for this show is Jay Fidell. The guest is Attila Seress.

The Family Assistance Center is currently the only location on Maui that is conducting DNA sampling to assist with the identification of remains. They are located at the Hyatt Regency’s Monarchy Ballroom in Kaanapali.

ChatGPT has received a lot of press over the past year for everything from publishing a children's book to writing graduate papers, to writing code and even threatening creative professions such as copywriting and legal.

Now a new threat has emerged, ChatGPT's evil villain twin, FraudGPT. As the name implies, it's a generative AI engine trained for malicious intent. According to claims made by the author, FraudGPT can be used to 'write malicious code, develop undetectable malware, and identify leaks and vulnerabilities.'

If you're a job seeker or know someone might be from recent events, you already know how important LinkedIn can be. Unfortunately a new wave of hacks are slamming LinkedIn, resulting in accounts getting locked out, erased, held for ransom and even hijacked by attackers.

What's a card skimmer? There are machines everywhere that accept credit cards - parking meters, soda machines, ATMs, gas pumps, self-checkout registers and so on. Well criminals have figured out that they can 3D print a plastic cover that goes on top of where you slide in your card, make a copy of your credit card

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