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Look out for these Zombie apps

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Happy Friday my friend!

Over the past few weeks a hit list of 'Zombie' Apps were kicked off the Google Play store, but not before they got installed on over 2 million devices.

The Apps, mostly games, have malware embedded inside them that steals data from the phone, floods it with ads (to make the hackers money), re-directs you to fake investment websites, online casinos and can even sign you up for premium paid services without consent!

The Takeaway

If you find any of the following Apps on an Android phone, be sure to uninstall them right away:

Super Skibydi Killer – 1,000,000 downloads

Agent Shooter – 500,000 downloads

Rainbow Stretch – 50,000 downloads

Rubber Punch 3D – 500,000 downloads

Eternal Maze (Yana Pospyelova) – 50,000 downloads

Jungle Jewels (Vaibhav Wable) – 10,000 downloads

Stellar Secrets (Pepperstocks) – 10,000 downloads

Fire Fruits (Sandr Sevill) – 10,000 downloads

Cowboy's Frontier (Precipice Game Studios) – 10,000 downloads

Enchanted Elixir (Acomadyi) – 10,000 downloads

Love Emoji Messenger (Korsinka Vimoipan) – 50,000 downloads

Beauty Wallpaper HD (fm0989184) – 1,000 downloads

If your phone is acting strange even after an uninstall, I recommend you restore it to factory settings.

Always be wary of "free" apps. There's always a catch and unfortunately Google and Apple have a hard time keeping up with the volume of bad actors publishing mobile Apps.

If you know someone who would find these updates useful, please consider forwarding this email - it might just save them from disaster.

Stay safe out there.


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