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KITV4 News on Payroll Theft

August 4th, 2023 HONOLULU (KTIV4) - A former Malama Solar employee was arrested for second-degree theft after allegedly stealing from the Honolulu-based company.

Kimberly Thornton, 44, was released on a $25,000 bail for stealing at least $750. Thornton made these unauthorized transactions on her payroll entries online, including wage increases, paid overtime and paid time off. This went on from January 2022 to April 2022.

Officials at Cypac Deep Cyber Security said employers’ online security systems need to be protected, otherwise employees can impersonate management and make payroll changes.

CEO of Cypac, Attila Seress said all industries can be targeted. This involves schools, retail and law enforcement. “We see a lot of impersonating occurring and that only occurs when computers aren’t properly protected. That is where we always see the weakness. If there is an HR in place and a lot of employees, we recommend live monitoring,” said Seress.


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