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Impersonators can now infiltrate 61% of airlines

Face to face impersonation is easy to spot in person but way harder to spot by email, don’t you agree?

According to a new analysis by the email security provider Proofpoint, 61% percent of airlines don’t have basic security configured for their email domain name. This allows hackers to send emails to you, pretending to be your airline. As if airlines don’t have enough problems right now! So, wondering how can you check to see if if your company email is set up 100% correctly and not insecurely like most of these airlines?

The Takeaway

Let me share with you an important word: DMARC. It stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. I know that sounds scary but all it is, is an email validation protocol that verifies that the domain of the sender has not been impersonated. You don’t want some cyber criminal sending emails pretending to be you, do you?

Your IT department should have set up DMARC validation when they setup your company’s email. To see if it was done correctly, go to and type the domain name for your company in the search box. If you have a look at my video, you’ll see how it’s supposed to look and some examples of airlines that need to get their IT departments involved.

So, if you need some help or guidance getting your DMARC record published, feel free to reach out, we can help.

Stay safe out there



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