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HPD alerts public of new Uber scam

The Honolulu Police Department and CrimeStoppers are alerting the public of a new Uber scam that have hit our island streets. 

There have been reports of Uber drivers receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be an Uber customer service representative. The scammers then ask a series of questions, one of them being the Uber driver’s account information. Drivers later discover that the money earned from fares has been stolen from their bank account!

CrimeStoppers and HPD are advising the public to never disclose personal account information to anyone by phone. This doesn’t just apply to Uber drivers! If you have any suspicions about any calls you receive, hang up the phone.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (808) 955-8300.

Stay safe out there



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