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How your computer can give you Coronavirus Covid-19

Hey guys, the world is nervous and talking about Covid-19 the new deadly strain of the Coronavirus. Here in Hawaii folks are buying toilet paper – all of it from anywhere it’s sold. There are parking lot fights at Costco and worse yet, you can’t get toilet paper. The whole island is out, so what does that mean to you? Absolutely nothing because what we’re going to talk today about something very important – how not to spread viruses by using your computer.

Most computers have keyboard, buttons and many touch points that can spread germs from one person to the next. For example, were I to hand my laptop over to someone else, I’m also handing off any germs sitting on any of those touch points. So, how can you keep your computer equipment clean so that the computers doesn’t spread the Coronavirus from person to person? Before we get into that, let me mention that these are all best practices and good hygiene in general when using electronics equipment.

To start, let’s talk about my best friend – disinfecting wipes. Getting your hands on a tube typically isn’t hard (except for now), so if you’re fortunate enough to have a stockpile, they are very tear resistant and perfect for cleaning computer equipment without damaging it. For example, I have a Microsoft Surface laptop and according to Microsoft’s website, disinfecting wipes are recommended for cleaning the device. After using them, the computer is now cleaner than ever and it’s been disinfected. No germs, yay!

While mainstream media and the CDC has been focused on reminding everyone to wash their hands, do you know what else should be kept clean? Your ears! And what do you use at the workplace that involves your ears? That’s right, your phone. So keep your phone nice and clean using those same disinfecting wipes! For years I’ve been called the neat freak, always cleaning my phone. From experience, I’ve had people use my phone, cough and sneeze all over it and leave. I wouldn’t know, use the phone and catch whatever that person had. No thank you. Keep your phone and computer clean!

Next think about ways to boost your immune system. I know it may be considered “new age” or homeopathic but you know what, why not try everything? Who wants to get sick? I know I don’t and I’m sure you don’t either. I personally drink kombucha – it is an acquired taste though. Kombucha is gross but full of probiotics that can give your gut, the seat of your immune system a little boost. Think about other ways to boost your gut biome such as supplements and probiotic capsules. Probiotic yoghurts are great but supplements much more bacteria per capsule there than you’ll find in any single source, including Kombucha or yoghurt.

Lastly, f you really want to try something new, there are essential oils. My favorite is the “4 Thieves blend” and to get the benefits of it, put a little bit of water into a diffuser, a few drops of oil and let it mist your workspace. You can get a diffuser practically anywhere such as drugstores, Amazon and even TJ Maxx. The reason that I personally like “4 Thieves” is because of its backstory. According to the long-told historic tale, the use of thieves oil dates back to the year 1413, the time of the infamous Bubonic Plague (aka The Black Death) that devastated a large portion of France.  The Black Death spread like wild fire amongst the citizens, and the doctors alike.  It seemed impossible to be in the vicinity without contracting it and at the time, the sickness really did mean ultimate demise.

During this time, however, four thieves were captured and charged for stealing from the sick and dying.  The thieves never contracted the plague, despite the close contact with the Black-Death victims.

At that time the crime these 4 men committed was punishable by being burned alive. However, the judge was so intrigued by how these men had stayed immune to this terrible disease that he told them if they shared their secret he would spare them of this punishment.

The Thieves told the judge their secret: they were perfume & spice merchants who were unemployed due to the closure of the seaports and the devastation of the plague. They had prepared an essential oil recipe that when applied to their hands, ears, temples, feet & a mask over their mouths, kept them safe from infection. The judge stayed true to his word. The men were not burned alive, but instead they were hanged for their crimes.

From then on, doctors who treated Black Death victims put the herbal infusion on their hands, ears, temples & feet, and wore beak-like masks stuffed with cloths containing this special blend.  The beak is how doctors got the long-lasting nickname “quack”. You may recognize this somewhat terrifying uniform as a scary Halloween costume worn today. Exactly the way you’d want your doctor to dress, right?

Essential oils are something to try in your workspace, perhaps get a bit of disinfectant in the air. If nothing else at least your surroundings will smell cleaner. So as a quick recap, use disinfecting wipes on your computer or phone, boost your immune system with probiotics and try essential oil disinfecting mist to minimize airborne viruses.

Stay safe and stay healthy out there.


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