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How to stay safe from online scammers with Hawaii BBB’s Roseann Freitas and Think Tech’s

Hi guys, things have really changed in the online scamosphere since Covid hit. In yesterday’s episode with Hawaii BBB’s Roseann Freitas and Think Tech’s Jay Fidell, we discussed what you need to know to stay safe in this new world and how current events are shaping all of our lives.

About half way through the interview, I brought up the 4 things that every company needs to have in order to have a solid security posture and prevent disaster. Here’s the short list:

1. Password management Password re-use is rampant and is the leading cause of breach. Having a password management solution implemented at your company is a simple way to reduce this risk and they are very affordable.

2. Layered cybersecurity approach Having a good security posture doesn’t come from one thing, such as installing a new piece of equipment or upgrading software. Much like going to the beach (which we can’t do now either… but anyway), you add layers of protection from the sun – sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, etc. The same is true for having great security protection at your company. Without a layered approach that covers all aspects of the business, it will remain vulnerable.

3. Poor IT hygiene Out of date systems, equipment and business practices are a great way for cybercriminals to infiltrate your business. Staying current with technology and re-evaluating company habits are a good place to start.

4. Ongoing employee security awareness training Much like going to the gym, if you don’t go regularly there won’t much result. The same is true for employee security awareness training – if it’s not done regularly and on an ongoing basis, it doesn’t work. Unfortunately most breaches occur from an employee activity, performed by accident that damaged the company’s data and reputation.

If you need help or guidance with any of these challenges at your company, feel free to reach out. We can help.

Stay safe out there.



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