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Preventive Measures Against the New iPhone Tech Support Scam

A new telephone phishing scam targeting iPhone users has been reported and may potentially trick you or someone you might know as the call looks like it is really coming from Apple Support.

Here’s how it works:

First, a phone call comes into your iPhone from what looks like Apple support. If you answer, an automated recording says something to the effect of “multiple servers containing Apple IDs were compromised” and to call a toll free 866 number immediately.

Why this scam is different is because iPhones recognize the phone number as coming from Apple support, so the screen displays Apple’s logo and company contact information. Unfortunately iPhones are not able to differentiate between a fake call or a legitimate one as the phone number matches the Apple support line.

The take away

The best way to fight back against phishing scams is to remember to never disclose personal and financial information to an unknown or unexpected caller, especially one who is on the phone with a sense of urgency.

We’re going to have some clever criminals calling us in the upcoming years, so stay on your toes and if a scammer does rattle your cage, feel free to reach out, we can help.

Stay safe out there.


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