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How to avoid the Hippie Apocalypse

Hey guys, the Covid Crisis has highlighted exactly how dependent we are on technology and how vulnerable we are to bad habits. What if we were able to talk to a time traveler from the future who could tell us the consequences of our actions? Well guess what, we had an unexpected visitor on this week’s show – me from the year 2030, 10 years in the future!

He says that by 2030 society has stopped using computers, cell phones, video game systems and the internet in general. Everyone hangs out, grows organic food, does yoga all day, meditates and get lots of sleep. Best of all there’s no more traffic or money problems – a Hippie Apocalypse. How did this happen?

The problem is that those banking, credit card, and email websites we are all dependent on (especially now), most of the passwords in use are simple combinations of letters and numbers. Worse yet, password re-use is rampant so if just one passwords is leaked, cyber criminals could have access to many if not all of your important sites. He said that after everyone on the planet got hacked during Covid-19, nobody felt safe using anything online, leading to the great Covid Awakening and governments all around the world outlawed technology and the world lives a hippie lifestyle.

He says that the Hippy Apocalypse could have been avoided if people would have just used a password manager to generate random, unique passwords for all of their websites. Well, we can help with that. If you need to get hooked up with a password manager for your company so that we can avoid the hippie apocalypse, fill out the form below and we’ll get you some more information.


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Stay safe out there!


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