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Homeland Security Alerts on New Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

The Cisco and Fortinet brands are famous for their rock-solid stability supporting critical infrastructure networks. This is why when a vulnerability is discovered in their product lines, it’s imperative that IT departments act quickly in patching them.

laptop meme
laptop meme

Homeland Security has brought to our attention that several zero day vulnerabilities were announced in their product lines this week. You can bet that bad actors know that high value targets use Cisco and Fortinet and began scanning the web for weaknesses as soon as they were made public.

Full details on these vulnerabilities are available using the links below. Please be sure to patch your equipment ASAP if any of them apply to your infrastructure.

Should the flaws be successfully exploited, it may allow an authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code, retrieve and delete files, access databases, or even permit a local unprivileged actor to escalate to system level permissions.

I highly recommend you or your IT department review them.

Stay safe out there


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