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Hackers May Be Using Your Phone to Commit Crime

hacked phone
hacked phone

Right now, your mobile phone could be hosting invisible software that’s helping hackers commit crimes across the globe and you’d have virtually no way of knowing it.

That’s one of the key findings released today by a team of researchers at Distil Networks, a San Francisco security firm. Data engineers say they made an alarming discovery of bot networks, infecting millions of mobile devices worldwide.

While researching customer account abuse and takeovers they suddenly realized that a lot of mobile requests were coming in. That observation led to further scrutiny of mobile phone data upon which they discovered a staggering number of infected phones worldwide. Shocked, they compared their results to a multitude of cell phone carriers and found the same result. They continued their research over a longer time span and the results kept confirming their findings: that “bad bots” had infected millions of mobile devices world wide and the hackers behind were using them to commit online crime while remaining anonymous.

We’ll be following this story and keep you updated with any developments!

Stay safe out there.


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