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Hackers attacked my favorite game maker with ransomware

Shocking news from Capcom, the makers of several multi-million dollar video game franchises including Resident Evil, Darkstalkers and Street Fighter. They have reportedly been hit by a ransomware attack that affected access to their critical business systems and encrypted over 1 terabyte of sensitive data.

I hope that Capcom recovers so that we can see more of this guy!

The Capcom breach was carried out by Ragnar Locker ransomware and unfortunately the criminals behind these attacks in particular are known for stealing data before encrypting networks. In fact, this was the case in April, in an attack on the North American network of the energy company EDP, where cyber attackers claimed to have stolen over 10 TB of sensitive company data and demanded a payment of about $11 million in Bitcoin. Shocking.

In Capcom’s case, the ransomware note claims that the criminal gang has downloaded more than 1TB of company data – including banking statements and financial files, Intellectual Property, corporate agreements and contracts, non-disclosure agreements and private corporate correspondence such as emails, marketing presentations, audit reports.

Guys, the Internet is broken. Ransomware attacks as a whole have spiked during the pandemic, with cybercriminals targeting everything from hospitals to local counties to U.S. Election systems to universities.

Join us in the fight to protect businesses like yours from theft, crime and disaster.

Stay safe out there.


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