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Growing Threat of Scams in Hawaii, How to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

hawaii threat scammer
hawaii threat scammer

As the holiday season unfolds, it's not just a time of joy, but also a peak period for scam artists. According to the Better Business Bureau, scams surge during this time, with con artists employing increasingly cunning methods. For instance, residents in Kailua, including Malia Zimmerman, have reported receiving deceptive calls asking for donations for school programs, later identified as scams. It's crucial to remain vigilant, emphasizes retired HPD Deputy Chief John McCarthy, advising people to scrutinize every solicitation and avoid hasty commitments. The Better Business Bureau's Roseann Freitas echoes this sentiment, urging the public to be cautious with online ads and to directly access company websites to prevent falling prey to malicious links. By staying informed and cautious, you can enjoy a safer holiday season.

5 Tips for Staying Safe During the Growing Threat of Scams This Holiday Season:

  1. Stay Informed: Be aware of the increased scam activity during the holiday season, and stay informed about the latest scamming techniques.

  2. Be Wary of Sophistication: Recognize that scammers are using more sophisticated methods, like posing as representatives of legitimate organizations, to solicit donations. Stay cautious and verify before committing.

  3. Verify Solicitations: Before responding to any solicitation, especially those involving financial contributions, take the time to verify its legitimacy. Don't rush into commitments.

  4. Exercise Caution Online: Beware of online ads and unsolicited links, as they may lead to fake websites or download malware onto your devices. Exercise caution when encountering online solicitations.

  5. Direct Website Access: Ensure your safety by accessing company websites directly through your browser. Avoid clicking on links in emails or social media ads to prevent falling prey to malicious links.

Stay safe out there.



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