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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the REvil attack

By now you’ve probably heard of how the REvil ransomware hacked Kaseya’s servers, encrypting and holding ransom over 1,000,000 business computer systems and demanding over $70 million to release them. Since these systems were encrypted by no fault of the business owners themselves, but through a supply chain attack, the real question is:  what can be done if and when this happens to you?

Jay Fidell and I did a very special episode on this – walking through the timeline of this supply chain attack and steps every business can take to be more resilient. I hope it can be of help to you and your organization.

Details on the “whistleblowers” I mention during the interview can be found at: Bloomberg: Kaseya Failed to Address Security Before Hack, Ex-Employees Say

And last week’s post has some specific remediation tips. I recommend checking them out:



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