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Don’t fall for the new PayPal text messaging scam

The crooks are at it again. This time, they’re tricking to trick people into sharing their personal information and PayPal login credentials in a new text messaging scam.

So here’s how it works – a text message could arrive on your phone that looks like it’s from PayPal and sounds urgent. It may say something like ‘Due to a recent failed payment request your account has been restricted’ or ‘We have detected unusual activity on your account’ and includes a link to a FAKE PayPal website.

The scammers have setup countless fake PayPal websites that look almost exactly like the real thing. The site will ask you to fill in your username and password. After the login credential are entered, you’ll be shown another phishing page that asks for more personal details such as full name, date of birth, address, and phone number. Keep going and the site even asks for your credit card information. Wow these guys are bold!

The Takeaway

Don’t click on any links sent you over text message, especially those claiming to be from a bank or credit card company. Type the company’s website address into your phone or computer’s browser instead.

Be wary of any communication that conveys a sense of urgency – scammers use fear to get people to fall for their schemes.

Stay safe out there.


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