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Do NOT update your iPhone software!

Apple released the iOS 13 operating system which exposes your contact details without the need for a passcode, FaceID or TouchID and yes, they were warned about it months ago!

Usually we don’t send out urgent announcements like this, but this time it’s pretty time sensitive

2 days ago Apple released it’s iOS 13 operating system for millions of iPhones around the globe. While the update contained some new features such as dark mode and a few new emojis, by and large it’s turning out to be a real problem. The very next day after the release, the United States Department of Defense issued a warning telling iPhone users not to upgrade due to  significant bugs and security problems with the release. 

Not only do Apps crash randomly, there’s drops in cellular signals, the camera app is slow, iMessages are buggy and it’s only only the beginning. Apple released the update after being alerted back in July of of a fatal security hole that allows hackers to raid your contact list without your approval. You can imagine the National Security implications if an iPhone’s contact list contains sensitive entries for government officials. Yikes!

The Take Away

The speculation on the internet is that Apple was rushing to push the next iPhone onto shelves and did a poor job with iOS 13. So for now, don’t update! Apple has moved up iOS 13.1 to September 24 from September 30 (so next week Tuesday) and we HOPE  that most of these bugs and vulnerabilities will get fixed with the release.

Stay safe out there



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