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Dating Site Bumble Stumbles

If you’re like me and have been married for a while, you may not know this. Over the past 10 years or so, the entire dating scene has moved to online apps and services. I’ve been told that the days of meeting romantic prospects at a bar or social gathering are long gone. As you might imagine, the pandemic has brought pressure on these services as well and unfortunately with so much personal data to retain and protect, there have been security and privacy issues.

Bumble, one of the most popular dating apps was recently hacked. A security researcher exposed how they were able to access personal information for the platform’s entire user base of nearly 100 million subscribers. In addition, they were able to access Bumble Boost to see which users swiped left or right on a profile, Facebook data, political leanings, astrological signs, education, and even height and weight.

After 225 days of silence from Bumble, the security group moved on to the plan of publishing the research, only then receiving a response from the company on November 11th. As of now, the API is being worked on so it is less vulnerable but it’s hard to prove that private user data was not downloaded multiple times, for years while the doors were wide open.

The Takeaway

As with most breaches, best practices apply here. If you use Bumble, be sure to check the password on your account and make sure that it’s not in use in any other online service. As this data theft may have included your personal information, keep an eye on your credit and be conscious of identity theft.

It’s hard to keep up with all of the cybercrime going on. We’ll do our best here to let you know of the most interesting events so that you can best protect yourself.

Stay safe out there



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