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Calling the next generation of cyber defenders

As college graduates enter the workforce this year we welcome a new generation of cyber security professionals. Guardians of commerce and protectors from cyber crime!

What sets many of them apart from other graduates is that those who focused on cyber security have experienced and successfully performed amazing feats, facing real-world threats even before earning their degree. It’s estimated there are 3.9 million college graduates in the U.S. who will earn a degree this academic year, that’s an increase of nearly 6 million students compared to just five years ago. There has also been an uptick in the need for cybersecurity talent, with experts projecting a global rise of over 145%.

Why is that? It’s because Cyber criminals keep accelerating the speed and sophistication of their attack methods, while under-staffed IT teams struggle to keep up. Simultaneously, because of the state of the world, budgets are being re-evaluated in every department, including cybersecurity and that could be a recipe for disaster. The solution might be in the next generation of cyber defenders: college graduates.

The Takeaway

Most cyber security graduates who enter the job market are self-motivated and continuous learners – attributes that are needed to work in an IT security team. These newly minted cyber professionals are familiar with the latest technology and can easily adapt to new innovations in the workplace. These traits, paired with the fact that graduates will often accept job offers for experience, helps close the talent gap while remaining cost-conscious amid the current pandemic.

Now more than ever, recent graduates entering the workforce seek out employers that meet specific criteria. A recent poll found that nearly 40% of graduates look for a job where they can see the impact of their contributions, and 44% seek a purpose-driven culture aligned with their personal values. If you think that this could be you or someone you know, feel free to reach out. We may be able to help.

Stay safe out there.


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