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Barbie kidnapped for ransom!

Mattel, one of the world’s top toymakers that includes iconic brands such as Barbie, Fisher Price and Hot Wheels – they recently revealed that they were victims of a ransomware attack that successfully encrypted their data and temporarily crippled some of their business operations.

The disclosure was part of a U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosure filed in late October. Luckily, they had a disaster plan in place, were able to minimize the damage and get back up and running fairly quickly. However, it’s unclear how the attack occurred, the strain of malware that was used or threat actors behind the attack.

But, this just goes to show that having a good disaster plan in place and some experienced cyber security professionals in your corner can help you survive a brutal cyber-attack.

Let’s face it guys, the internet is broken.

Join us in the fight to protect businesses like yours from theft, crime and disaster.

Stay safe out there.


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