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4 last minute Halloween costume ideas

Ok, it’s Halloween and you or someone you know is probably thinking, “I’m not dressing up this year.”


Everyone else is dressed up – why not join the fun? But it’s so last minute – what can you do? Not to worry! I’ve got 4 quick, simple and easy-to-do costumes you can slap on and go and get a few chuckles from your friends and family members in the process.

1. Bread Winner

Grab some old trophies, a couple of loaves of bread and you’re done!

2. 50 Shades of Grey

Make a quick pit stop at the Home Depot paint department, grab some tape on your way out and there you go!

3. Nerd

This one takes a white shirt, suspenders, white tape around the center of thick-rimmed glasses and a calculator (as if a nerd would EVER forget their calculator…)

4. Smart Cookie

Do you still have an old graduation gown stuffed in the bottom of a closet somewhere? Well dust it off an stick some cookie print outs on it. Job done!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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