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250+ News sites hacked with "fake update" ransomware

Happy Friday my friend, The bad guys linked to the Evil Corp ransomware gang are at it again. If you go to any website for news, there are ads. Those ads are delivered by digital ad brokers and news sites reserve screen space for them to be delivered and shown to you, which makes them money. One of the major ad brokers that delivers ads to over 250 major US news outlets was found this week to be delivering ransomware by tricking unwitting visitors to "update their browser." The Takeaway A tweet was posted on Wednesday by Proofpoint on the discovery, demonstrating how TA569 had used Evil Corp's platform to deliver the malware. It's unclear how the media company was compromised and they have not yet disclosed which news websites are currently infected so here's what you need to know: If you are prompted to update your browser from an ad on any news website, do not click. These guys are serious and can quickly infect, take over and hold your systems for ransom.

Stay safe out there -A


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