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2 quick holiday tips for parents

Parents on couch very tired

What parents in their right mind get a white sofa (rolling eyes)?

For parents such as myself, 2020 has been a very “interesting” year. Not only has it simultaneously flown by, yet seem to last forever, but have had to face new challenges with the kids such as on-line school and keeping them entertained while minimizing interactions with their friends by social distancing. As Santa is coming soon I thought to share these 2 quick tips to fellow parents. If you know a parent, feel free to pass it along.

1. Hide and go seek? Stay away from under the sink! I’m unclear why, but ants and roaches like to hide under the kitchen sink. While such a spot may not have made it on your kids’ top-10 places to hide when playing hide-and-go-seek list back in June, it sure has by now. If you want to avoid a screaming fit of “they’re all over me! they’re all over me!” I recommend getting ahead of the game and letting your kids know that spaces under sinks are off-limits.

2. Make sure to correctly address the letter to Santa The post office is in full swing, delivering holiday packages and letters. There’s nothing more disappointing than having your kid’s letter to Santa be returned because of a wrong address. In case your little ones haven’t mailed their letters, it’s not too late – the elves can work their magic. To ensure that the letter to Santa makes it to the north pole, send it to the following address:

Letter to Santa

Santa Claus 123 Elf Road North Pole, 88888

And be sure to put a stamp on the envelope! There’s more information on the USPS website, Operation Santa 2020.

I know that usually these emails and blog entries are usually about the latest cybersecurity news, why it relates to you and how to better protect yourself. I just wanted to do a post to remind us all why this is important. You matter. I send these messages and videos to the community to make a difference, to help us all be more conscious and secure with our on-line behaviors.

As the focus shifts from kinetic to digital warfare, I want to help your business and family stay out of harm’s way as we face these immense cybersecurity challenges ahead together. 2020 has been the toughest year yet for victims of cybercrime. I sincerely hope that next year is different.

Stay safe out there



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