We developed proprietary software specifically for the regulatory compliance process.

We are leaders of innovative compliance solutions.


"The compliance process has a steep learning curve. We've spent years developing systems and solutions to get you back to running your business."

Attila Seress - CEO


Federal and
Regulatory Compliance

The Department of Defense requires that contractors who provide products and services for the defense supply chain must comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) process. This new security standard is designed to ensure that contractors have appropriate security measures in place and begin prioritizing security with equal weight compared to quality and safety. Because CMMC compliance will be critical to winning business with the Pentagon, DoD contractors need to understand what CMMC is all about.

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We are leaders
of innovative compliance solutions.

Most companies who offer compliance services know the requirements.

We understand the fundamental laws of the process and created our own proprietary software to help your organization get compliant and stay compliant.




Technical Details

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Our Cypac Total Security Protection combines best-in-class EDR (endpoint detection and response), not next-gen AV with a live SOC team to prevent lateral movement of bad actors in your networks.

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Gateway and endpoint granular level Internet content filtering, reporting and real-time traffic monitoring.

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Employee group level access control to provide privileged access to some sites and not others (eg. social media, job sites, etc.).

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Service includes a monthly Executive Report for management decisions, regular technology reviews to identify trends and weaknesses within the network and notifications of threats, problems and remediation guidance from live SOC team as they are discovered.

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Automated detection and remediation means minimal down time in a potential BIE (business interrupting event).

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Prevent visits to compromised sites from bad clicks embedded in phishing emails, social media messages and Wifi connected devices.

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Includes PSA (professional services automation) with management engine that installs patches in the background without user interaction / workflow disruption, equipment failure monitoring (eg. bad sectors, seek errors, etc.), resource utilization monitoring (drive space, extended consumption of memory, etc.) and heartbeat uptime monitoring of critical infrastructure servers.