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Video on Focus


Hey guys Attila here do you know anyone who does a lot of things like maybe they I don’t know shoot video and then they do gardening and then they also raise animals and do five other things that you might think are kind of not related but kind of are because you can do them.

Now here’s a little secret that maybe most people don’t know about me is that I’m actually really good at computer stuff but I’m also really good at other things too and it’s really kind of a problem and that kind of problem can lead to be really unfocused. Other things that are really good at is I’m really good at putting things together building things from out of wood and other materials I’m also really kind of good at art fact I’m pretty good at art and I play five instruments. I used to be a professional dancer if you can believe that and I’ve done a lot of things throughout the years and involve all kinds of things in the computer space they’re not necessarily cybersecurity related. So, I can write code built datacenters done a lot a telecom work and all these different things are a lot of fun but really when you start to narrow it down it’s very difficult to really do well with any of them if you’re doing all of them does that make sense?

Hopefully this video is for someone like you or someone that you know who is talented and does a lot of things really well but is still struggling to get ahead. What to do about it and guess what? it’s easier than you think it’s take one of them and do it really well because we live in a world where if you don’t do things with excellence you fall behind because guess what the next person is really focused on doing that one thing if let’s say you have a real passion for computers and you see that there’s this broad field available and there’s all these things out there. One thing that really gets you going is let’s just say it’s coding you really like to code but at the same time you really like to tinker with putting computers together well guess which one you should be doing? The coding! that’s right because coding pays more right? it’s fun and it makes you feel good there’s a lot of people in other countries that put computers together for fractions of a cent per hour and you’re not going to beat it so pick the thing and go deep so spend all your time on it.

Why not become the expert because if you wont someone else will and then if you’re the expert guess what starts to happen? You get compensated for it and now you get compensated more than the next guy because you become more of an expert then the next person who’s doing five other things. So hopefully this is giving you some ideas something that you can do in your own life.

What I recommend is just make a list make an inventory of the things that you are really good at the things that you like to do and put a star next to the ones that you like to do the most. Maybe read yourself how good are you with these things from 1 to 5 and which one are you spending most of your time on. Now if you’re at a 4 out of 5 for all these things then guess what you need to pick one and take it to a 5 out of 5 and do that one a little bit more and see if you can get compensated

for it because that’s what’s going to make your life better right doing the thing that you’re really good at and getting compensated well for it and being able to get better at it every single day hopefully that gives you some ideas anyways guys I’m Attila stay well


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