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Scammers target people going back to the office

Hi guys, Attila here. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting and workers trickling back to offices, cyber criminals are taking advantage of our newfound freedoms.

In this latest scam, employees are receiving fake emails from their CIOs, welcoming them back to the office. Embedded in those emails is a link to a pretend Microsoft Sharepoint page with a couple of company branded documents outlining post-covid new business procedures.

Click on those documents and it’s bad news. They’ll prompt you for your work username and password, which of course gets stolen by the criminal and the rest is history. They can use those stolen credentials to break into your company’s network, steal private data and even hold it hostage. So, be on the lookout for any fake emails – don’t let those cybercriminals run you down!

I’m Attila, from Cylanda, stay safe out there.

PS. I recently was interviewed by Rob Kay, columnist for the Star Advertiser about how scammers are using caller ID spoofing to further their schemes. Check it out!


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