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Presentation Tips

Presentation tips

Hey guys Attila here now if you’ve ever seen me talk in front of a group of people or in an event you’ve probably noticed that I’ve kind of done this before and especially if you see a PowerPoint behind me usually that is nice and clear and it kind of helps to educate the audience as well as engage with them.

So I thought I’d just give you three quick tips that you can use for yourself if you’re ever going to go out and speak with a group of people or if you’re going to even go on the air and convey some information either on live TV or something that’s recorded you want to record a webinar or something like that. So anyways here’s my three tips. The first one is to start off with the story now I’m not sure if you know this but the human brain remembers story is a lot better than facts and figures and sometimes presenters make the mistake of starting off with you know some shocking facts or a bunch of figures or showing a chart and sometimes that can kind of lose the audience up front. So, if you do have to convey something with maybe some statistics behind it starting off with the story is a good place to start and be sure to smile. You know that’s something I come struggle with a lot I try to smile but when I look kind of creepy so I’m really working on making my smile better I think it’s an ongoing life process and you’re probably going to have to live with that and go through that yourself.

Number one start with a story, number two is to keep your presentation simple. Now if you’ve ever used PowerPoint extensively you perhaps just like me got stuck in the animation section and that’s when you can make text fly-in you can make things appear and swirl around and show up on the screen that’s great but really stay away from that in fact some of the best presenters I’ve ever seen have kept it super simple. This one guy even used you know just a piece of paper and broke on like a little thing with a little projector behind it and that’s how we conveyed is information so you know I’ve seen some celebrity speak and when they talk they have maybe of 10-15 slides tops and they already know the content of the material and the slides are meant to just trigger a memory or trigger a story or trigger an experience and that’s what they want to share with you and as a presenter that’s what you want to share with them yourself if you have an expertise and there’s something in particular why not just put up a little trigger image and say oh let me tell you about the time when bla bla bla bla bla right and then then you can convey that information the audience they can learn from it they can benefit from your wisdom.

Okay now the third thing to end with and this is a probably something I picked up from doing a lot of interviews and that is with ending with a good vision of the future so, sometimes when you start off with this great idea you convey it to the audience is conveyed clearly but then the audience doesn’t really know what to do with it. Let’s say you want to talk about alternative energy well why not end the conversation or end the presentation with some vision of the future what we’re all driving clean cars we all have clean energy and it’s a possibility and it’s something that’s hopeful for the future so end with something positive and you know what no one can predict the future we all know that I think you know blockbuster could have predicted the future they would have done things a little bit  differently.

When we go out and we present in front of a group of people we do really want to start off with something that’s memorable right so start off with a story keep it simple so don’t go crazy with your presentation trying to use trigger images and trigger words to help you convey the information that you already know is inside of you. Number three end with a positive vision of the future where you think that your product service or idea might go anyways I hope that helps if you have any questions or want some more advice feel free to reach out always here to help Aloha


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