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New tech support scams being pushed to Microsoft Edge Browsers

While Google Chrome still dominates as the top web browser, Microsoft Edge has been gradually gaining traction. It's the default browser on all Windows machines and changing away from it can be a pain.

Microsoft is fighting hard for that top spot and scammers are taking notice. Just this week Malwarebytes labs published an alert showing how scammers are inserting shocking and bizarre clickbait articles into Microsoft Edge's News Feed and successfully luring victims into tech support scams.

Here is what one looks like:

The Takeaway

Some people like news feeds, some don't. Either way, I think you will agree that a good portion of the articles posted are designed to shock, scare or confuse people into clicking on them.

If you would like to remove news feeds from your Edge browser, thus protecting you from this scam (and undoubtably more to come):

1.Open Edge Browser.

2.Click on ' ... ' three dot on the right side end by the address bar.

3.Click on 'Setting' Gear Wheel.

4.Click on 'New Tab Page'.

5.Click on 'Customize' Blue button.

6.In 'Page Layout' dropdown box Click on 'Custom'.

7.In 'Custom' white box, Click on small 'V' .

8.Click on 'Content Off' .

Repeat 1-8 if it ever comes back.

Boom - All Fake News Gone.

Stay safe out there



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