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Honolulu Police warn of phone scam

Police are warning the public about recent phone scams in which attempts are being made to obtain money from individuals and businesses.

In recent reports, the suspects identify themselves as local, state, or federal officials. The intended victim is told that they are under criminal investigation, and must purchase Western Union, Money Gram, Money Pack, GreenDot, Apple/iTunes, Google, and or Vanilla brand cards to pay their fine” in order to avoid being arrested, or having their social security numbers suspended.

The suspects have been providing fake credentials over the phone such as their name, agency, badge number, and phone number. They will also tell the victim that they know the members of the victim’s family and are able to list them by name, where they live, and other personal information including specifically describing clothing that they were wearing.

The public is reminded to never provide any personal information over the phone or online to anyone whose identity they have not confirmed.

If you believe you are contacted by a person involved in a scam, either by phone or online, call the police department’s non-emergency number at 808-935-3311 or Crime Stoppers at 808-961-8300.

Stay safe out there


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