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Hackers targeting Super Mario gamers

Happy Friday

During my call this week with Homeland Security, they brought up the fact that bad guys were likely targeting kids spending their time playing video games over summer break.

There are software packages out there (no, I won't post links) that allow gamers to download game cheats or even obtain illegal copies of pirated games without having to pay for them. For teens this can seem like an appealing option but don't be fooled, cybercriminals are cashing in.

Homeland Security has found a new variant malware embedded within pirated versions of numerous Super Mario games and cheats that infect victims with crypto mining software and an information stealer. The combination of mining and stealing can lead to some real financial losses.

The Takeaway

Are you a big Mario Brothers fan? If so, the best advice I can give is to never download games or any other software from torrent and other third-party sources. If you catch your kids playing video games you didn't buy for them, that's a big red flag!

Stay safe out there.


Why did Mario’s computer get infected with malware? Because he accidentally clicked on a “Bowser” link!


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