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3 new surprising findings about at-home workers

Hi guys, many of you may know someone who has transitioned to working from home during the pandemic. Heck that someone could be you! Have you wondered how everyone else’s sanity is holding up? Many people are trying to work under quarantine with kids at home, power outages, internet outages, people walking into the room during video conference calls and so on.

While those celebrities grow out their Covid hair, some of us have work to do and I’ve got some interesting numbers to share from a recent study by Lenovo that looked at how employees worldwide are responding to the “new normal” of working from home. Wondering how everyone else is holding up? Well here are 3 of the new surprising findings:

1. 85% of those surveyed felt way more reliant on their computer than they did when working from the office. This makes sense considering that when working from home, that computer screen is your only way to get your work done at get in touch with outside world.

2. 63% of the global workforce felt that they are more productive working from home than when they were at the office. After all, there are probably less distractions like donuts [make one appear in my hand], idle chit chat, gossip, meetings and of course, the commute!

3. 52% of at-home workers said that they would prefer to continue working from home even after social distancing measures have been lifted.

Well that is surprising – it looks like we may be in for a more permanent shift in what the workplace is going to look like once the Covid crisis is over. What do you think? Do you agree with these findings? Let us know how you’re holding up.

Stay safe out there.


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